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A Global Provider of Precious Metal Recovery Services

United Recovery Services Group

URSG is a global provider of precious metal recovery services integrating the expertise of three world-class cleaning contractors including US Assets Recovery, LLC, BDB Dismantling Limited and Power Cleaning Specialists, Inc. Their combined knowledge and history uniquely marries both technical expertise and familiarity with every technology provider, plant constructor, global producer and the special needs of the AN NA industry.

United Recovery Services delivers innovative cleaning and recovery solutions for your precious metal needs by applying best practice procedures and attention to detail on every recovery application. By doing so we perform safe, on-time deliverables that maximize your precious metal returns.

Recovery Services

Non-Destructive Recovery

RAVS – Radial Arm Vortex System: A URSG patent-pending , non-destructive cleaning process designed to improve plant process efficiencies and collect precious metals for recovery. The innovative design is especially suited for Lamont-style boilers using only demineralized water and plant air.

Chemical cleaning for precious metal recovery of process heat train components such as Turbine Gas Heaters, Waste Heat Boilers and Tail Gas Heaters.

Trusted and innovative practices to maximize precious metal recovery and improve efficiencies to existing operating heat train components.

High-Pressure Jetting: Off and On-site cleaning of vessels, tubing, reactors and absorber towers.

Tank Cleaning: Safety driven project management for your on-site tank cleaning and precious metal recovery needs.

Destructive Recovery

Process Equipment: Complete precious metal recovery for heat train components such as Turbine Gas Heaters, Waste Heat Boilers, Converter Elbows, Cooler Condensers and Tail Gas Heaters.

Catalyst Support: Components including catalyst baskets, grid bars, screens and heat shields..

Off-site Recovery: Recovery of precious metals using advanced cleaning techniques.

Dismantling Services: if required for PGM recovery (to minimize losses during the dismantling process) or asset purchases

Demolition Services: Full service demolition of industrial facilities.

Filter Recovery

Maximize your filter returns. URSG employs our unique recovery process to rich gas filters. URSG is able to capture more precious metal by using our specialized handling and advanced processing techniques. In addition to recovery precious metals from the media, we repair and repack filter cages.

URSG knows that maximizing your recovery begins at the work-site. Our Recovery Containment Kits include easily identified labeled drums for your filter media or miscellaneous items such as rags, sweeps, vacuum bags and PPE associated with precious metal recovery.

For full filter cages URSG will supply clients with Recovery Socks that contain the entire filter assembly. Sealable on both ends, the Recovery Sock is the most secure way to capture precious metal during the removal and shipping of the entire filter cage.

URSG provides dedicated precious metal recovery containers that help you readily identify and track where and what your precious metal recoveries are. These Kits help encourage the discipline for careful handling at client sites. Both for Filter Media and Miscellaneous materials such as wipes, sweeps, gloves and plastics, URSG Recovery Kits prioritize the need to care for your precious metals. Ask for a Kit to be prepared for your recoveries.

Redundant Asset Purchase

Globally, URSG will decommission, dismantle and purchase existing chemical facilities and end of life heat exchangers, reactors and towers.

Health, Safety & Environmental

The United Recovery Services’ safety and environmental culture has grown for many years as a on-site service supplier to various chemical industry clients. A working ethos of method statements, risk assessments and applicable control documentation are at the core of our businesses, giving our clients a visual sense of the control implications all the way through from planning to the completion certification.

URSG drives HS&E at our facilities and at client sites globally. As a specialized cleaning and demolition contractor we value the health and safety of our people as do our clients.

Before we start a job we document:

Risk Assessments: Identifying hazards and remedies to eliminate and standardize safe work procedures.

Method Statement: Documenting how work is to be performed with the proper protection to the site and the people involved.

Daily Briefings: Addressing safety and work specific tasks.

URSG actively participates and maintains contractor requirements for many Industrial Trade Safety Organizations including:

  • IS Networld
  • Browz
  • PICS
  • ROSPA, CHAS, Safe Contractor, CITB and others.
We help our customers reclaim their precious metal returns through new innovative processes that recover their metal in the safest and most efficient way possible.


Safety drives our processes. Like our clients, Safety is a core value at URSG


Client of independent inspection is welcomed throughout the treatment process.


Compliance with environmental legislation and environmental codes of practice.

Precious Metal Recovery

Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Silver, Gold

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